Conformation standard
Standard written according to the model of the
International Cynologique Federation
(correction by the Committee of the CFGAPDK 5/12/1998).
The ideal type presents a construction of a heavy Pointer with harsh hair not too long,
of black color, maroon or dead sheet covering the overall body.

Head: Harmonious proportions between the length and the width,
the unit must be in connection with the size and the sex.

Cranial area:

Cranium: Flat, only the sides are slightly rounded, broad and massive,
definitely projecting orbital arcades.

Stop: Marked.

Facial area:

Nose: Strongly pigmented, harmonizes with the color of the dress.
Well opened nostrils.

Muzzle: Harmonious proportions between the length and the width,
neither narrow, nor pointed, straight chamfer.

Lips: Jointed, non-hanging. They should not in any case promote
the flow of saliva.

Jaws/Teeth: Powerful jaws; articulated out of scissors; regular and
complete teeth; the upper incisors come to cover the lower incisors,
it must remain in contact and be established of square compared
to the jaws. The complete dental formula is of 42 teeth.

Eyes: Placed on the sides, large, of color dark amber, their expression
is sharp. The eyelids marry well the ocular sphere and are well
equipped with lashes.

Ears: Of average size, they are attached high, well coupled to the head,
not fleshy, with a thick hair, the points are slightly round.

Neck: Of average length, strongly muscular, the nape of the
neck is bent; absence of pennon.

Body :

Line of the top: Straight.

Garrot: Marked.

Back: Short and straight, firm, very muscular.

Kidney: Strongly muscular.

Croup: Of average length, slightly bend, with a powerful musculature.

Chest: Broad, well dropped; the sides are well arched,
without being out of barrel.

Line of the lower part of the belly:
It is slightly raised towards the back
by drawing an elegant curve; sunken belly.

Tail: It prolongs the croup while following a regular line and without break.
It is straight; it should not be carried vertically. The coat is harsh without
fringes. If it is curtailed for hunting, its length will have, in accordance with
the rules of protection of the animals, to reach the lower edge of the
vulva in the females, or to cover the testicles in the males.
In the countries where the law prohibits the amputation of the tail,
this one can be left natural. It should then reach the point of the bulge,
to be straight or slightly curved in the form of sabre and range
a little above the line of back.


Anteriors: Seen from face, straights and parallels, seen from profile,
straights and coming to place itself under the body.
Powerful framework and articulations.

Shoulders: Well applied and quite muscular scapulas.
They form, with the arm, a well marked angle.

Arm: Long, with the strong musculature.

Elbows: Well placed under the body and correctly applied, without being too tight, against the thoracic wall, nor being turned outwards.

Front arm lever: Long, quite muscular and vertical. It forms with the arm a marked angle.

Carp: Strong.

Metacarpus: Slightly bended forwards.

Feet: Rounds to ovals; with tight fingers. Robust and resistant small cushion. The hair on the feet and the fingers should not be too long.

Rear limbs: Straights and parallels seen from behind, quite muscular
and with a strong framework.

Thighs: Long, broad, quite muscular.

Knee: Strong. The thigh forms with the leg a well marked angle.

Leg: Strong, muscular, nervous.

Bulges: Strong, very well angled.

Metatarsi: Short and vertical.

Feet: Rounds to ovals; with tight fingers. Robust and resistant small cushion. The hair on the feet and the fingers should not be too long




THE PACE: Harmonious and elastic, good catch of ground of former and good push of the posterior ones. Full treads.
The former ones and the posterior ones are parallel and go straight in front. The dog stand straight.